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Sendung mit der Maus

1 Quadratmeter

Silent observation of nature.
I developed a film series for the programme "Sendung mit der Maus" in which a biologist named Gregor takes a close look at a square metre of nature. In meditative silence, we use macro-optics to film everything that moves there and realise how exciting something can be if you take the time to look closely at it. In the first episode, we are in the centre of the city of Konstanz and accompany Gregor as he quietly observes nature and immerses himself in a surprising world full of life. Various spiders, sucking cicada babies, eggs on a stick, bright orange mushrooms that can move and a large grasshopper, to name but a few.
Work in Progress
This job is a good example of how I like to work. I met this biologist and found his work very inspiring. He said to me: "I meditate in the landscape. I look at a spot until something moves". From this I developed an idea with the fixed frame and suggested it to the "Sendung mit der Maus". First the pilot was filmed and then 2 more films the following year. It remains exciting to see where else we can hang the frame.
Second Episode...and more to come...

In the second episode, we travel to the Duisburg Nord Landscape Park and see how nature has reclaimed its place on an old railway track... A third episode takes us to the banks of the Rhine ( Not published yet ) It remains exciting to see where Gregor will position his frame. Because everything can be exciting and I am all the more pleased that we have already been nominated at various festivals.


Client:  WDR, Jochen Lachmuth

Production: Hamann Film

Idea-Concept: Susanne Frericks

Director: Susanne Frericks, Jens Hamann

Camera: Jens Hamann

Author: Jens Hamann, Susanne Frericks

Protagonist: Dr. Gregor Schmitz

Edit: Jens Hamann

Sweet Illustrations: Sabine Dully

Voice: Ralph Caspers

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