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I’m Susanne Frericks and I work internationally as a creative concept developer in the
fields of branding, design and film (commercials, interstitials, shorts). Based in Cologne, Germany, I have been developing ideas for brands of all kinds, both big and small, for over 20 years, and my personal source of motivation has always been the challenge a project presents – because it’s new, something different and ideally also complex. I enjoy drawing parallels between things that appear on the surface to have nothing in common.
With every new job, I like to give my curiosity free reign and become immersed in new subject matter and fresh content.

Twenty years ago, I founded the company FEEDMEE together with friends. Much of my work emerged during that period. Since 2020 I have been working as a freelance creative concept developer, creative director and director.

In all my work, I make it the highest priority to develop a core idea. Especially on complex jobs, it’s critical to never lose sight of the original concept. Wherever necessary, in the role of creative director I supervise complex jobs all the way to completion. I am part of an extensive network of specialists who I collaborate with on larger projects. What I emphasize, however, is development of a clearly defined concept with the power to move and inspire people.

When beginning any project, I ask myself these questions:
What does my client want? Or not want?
What is my client looking for? Or are they themselves not exactly sure?
Answering with clarity, but on the basis of a relaxed approach, is crucial to me.
Combined with creativity, it is what gives rise to a good idea in my experience.

I look forward to hearing from you and getting started over a cup of coffee!



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Susanne Frericks
, Taubengasse 19, 
50676 Köln, 


Tel.: +49(0)1722528195



Make-up/Hair/Styling: @michaelcrnjavicmkp

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