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Father and Sun


Here in the Rain - Official Musicvideo

A very personal story about a very personal relationship. It could be man or woman, father or daughter, love or friendship…

If you can fly alone, we can fly together… Sometimes it’s a long road getting to this point…

Berlin Music Video Award 2016... 

And the Winner...

It´s a lady from Cologne...

Fun night in Berlin after winning the category "Best Art Director".

With my good friends from the team Micha ( Hair-Make-Up ) and Boban ( Grip )

Best cup ever!!!!!


Client: Loy Wesselburg

Production: FEEDMEE

Father / Composer: Loy Wesselburg

Sun: Nadine Cesarz-Szymanski

Vocals / Sun: Mia

Lyrics: Ian Slater

Directed by: Susanne Frericks
Anton Riedel

Camera: Timm lange, Sven Lützenkirchen

Grip: Boban Milosevic

Hair&Makeup: Michael Crnjavic

Props: Ole Reinsberger

Producer: Jennifer Feist, Laura Giersdorf

Editor: Stefan Wiesner

Grading: Swen Linde / wefadetogrey

Vfx Aartists:

Thomas Gugel, Acky Hamacher, Karl Hax, Christian Kaufmann, Lukas Müller, Ole Reinsberger, Jan Sickinger, Jörn Westhoff, Stefan Wiesner Special thanks to: atelier screen tv, crop, maier bros. Pillefilmgeräteverleih

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