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Branding and Launch Campaign

A New TV Channel

I was responsible for developing a complete on-air brand identity for “Kabel Eins Doku”, including the new slogan and launch campaign. This TV channel was launched in September 2016 and specializes in documentaries. To increase visibility and introduce the new network, we developed a broad, nationwide on- and off-air advertising campaign. Starting with eye-catching billboards, we also created full-page ads featured in multiple magazines, DOOHs and the DOCU app introduction.


Client: ProSiebenSAT1 Media SE

OnAir-Design: FEEDMEE + Creative Solutions
Concept/Design: Susanne Frericks, Jörn Westhoff,

Christian Kaufmann, Anton Riedel, Onogrit
Creative Director: Susanne Frericks
Art Director: Jörn Westhoff

Text: Anja Erhardt
Producer: Tina Haffke, Kerstin Kohle
Design: Jörn Westhoff, Christian Kaufmann, Sabine Dully,
Eugen Laitenberger, Katrin Imhof, Julia David, Frank Schmidt

Animation: Jörn Westhoff, Christian Kaufmann,
Acky Hamacher, Birk Reddehase, Bastian J. Schiffer

Sound: Loy Production

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