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Christmas fundraising campaign

A new interpretation of
the music video by Bukahara.

No Christmas present yet? Here you can support
XENION in building a NEW HOME for refugees:
7 years ago I made a music video for my friends from Bukahara for the song NEW HOME. At the time, I wanted to show a wide variety of people who you didn't know where they came from and what their story was. It was only when I opened the camera that it became clear that some people have a home and some do not. The video was intended to remind people to donate money to help refugees. Now 7 years later, I am revisiting this idea. I have reinterpreted this idea for the refugee organization XENION. This time, however, we are only filming with refugees who have found a home thanks to Xenion.

In an accompanying social media campaign, we go one step further and tell the story of the protagonists.
You find out how XENION has helped them. 


Client: XENION - Psychosoziale Hilfen für politisch Verfolgte e.V.

Vanessa Höse

Music: Bukahara, Soufian Zoughlami

Production: WTF

Producer: Lena Breidenbach, Liesa Schröder

Idea-Concept: Susanne Frericks

Director: Susanne Frericks

Camera: Timm Lange

Protagonist: Refugees from the XENION program 

Edit: Lukas Bille

Colorist: Max Altmeyer


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