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On behalf of the German Federal Agency for Civic Education, I developed a CD for its 7th annual political theatre festival.

The theme of the festival was “ECHT” (German: “REAL”). After hearing a news story about “people who shaved sheep to look like German poodles and then sold them to Japan”, I thought it would be perfect to build the main campaign around this fun story.


Not until I won the pitch did I learn that even this story was “fake news”.

It gave an added dimension to the idea of what’s real and not real.


Cient:  Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung

Production: FEEDMEE

Concept and Design: Susanne Frericks, Sabine Dully, Sven Lindholm
Creative Director: Susanne Frericks
Photographer: Susanne Frericks

Retouch: Anton Riedel
Spudel: Schaf + Pudel (= Pedro)
Producer: Kerstin Kohle

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