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Sendung mit der Maus


Basic Law Explanation

The “Show with the Mouse” (“Sendung mit der Maus”) is a popular children’s TV show that has been around for many years.

I created a short film explaining Germany’s constitution to kids. Germany was marking the 70th anniversary of its Basic Law and the client wanted to cover the subject in an episode. I created the character “Constitution Girl” ( “GGG” for “Grundgesetz-Girl”) and visualized six articles of the german constitution.


Client:  WDR, Jochen Lachmuth

Production: FEEDMEE

Idea-Concept: Susanne Frericks, Bernd Maile

Producer: Tina Haffke

Director: Susanne Frericks

Author: Bernd Maile

Camera: Sven Lützenkirchen

Dit, Edit and Crazy Guy: Nikolai Knackmuss

Hair&Makeup: Michael Crnjavic

Styling: Ralf Reichartz

Props: Sonja Illius-Hussong, Ole Reinsberger

Design: Monika Jagla

Motion Design: Lukas Schemm, Nina Young, Denise Weise

Sound: Sebastian Schubert, Loy Production

Grundgesetzgirl: Pina Riedel

Actors: Elisabeth Frericks, Amie Kötter, Fleur Kötter, Titus Kötter, Anna Mathilde Kuhne, Iliya Song, Mert Yigit, Karim Zaida, Leo Scholz, Luisa Pereira

Voice German: Pierre M. Krause

Voice US: Jan C Müller

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