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Bayerischer Rundfunk

Rundschau und Münchner Runde

Rundschau |  New Design | New Set

At my former company, I was responsible for several years for all the challenges sent our way by TV broadcaster Bayerische Rundfunk (BR). We first were asked to totally redesign their news program, “RUNDSCHAU”, including the packaging, maps, graphics and studio.

Münchner Runde |  New Design | New Set

A few years later, BR asked us to design their “Münchner Runde” talk show. Since it’s related to the “RUNDSCHAU”, the design had to reflect the connection, but also convey a sense of the show’s independence. The studio and the entire communications design concept forge a strong link both to the RUNDSCHAU brand and to the BR parent brand.




Clients: Bayerischer Rundfunk

Concept - Design: Susanne Frericks, Anton Riedel, Thomas Gugel,

Jürgen Frost, Sabine Dully, Jan Sickinger and ThisIsSuper

Creative Director: Susanne Frericks

Art Director Thomas Gugel

Producer: Tina Haffke

Design: Julia David, Eugen Laitenberger, Jürgen Frost, Lars Keller

Animation: Jörn Westhoff, Christian Kaufmann

Animations Concept: Thomas Gugel, Jörn Westhoff, Bastian J. Schiffer

Set-Production: Kuby Design


Clients: Bayerischer Rundfunk

Concept - Design: Susanne Frericks, Monika Jagla, Julia David

Creative Director: Susanne Frericks

Motion Design: Frank Schmidt, Lukas Schemm, Nina Young

Producer: Tina Haffke

Set-Design: Susanne Frericks, Monika Jagla, Hadrien Ledieu, Tom Gugel

Set-Planung: Frank Cremers

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