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Clip Creator

Interactive Toolkit for TV Channel

The multiple-award-winning ClipCreator was one of the biggest viewer attractions on the German music channel VIVA Plus from August 2004 to December 2005. With my former company, I was responsible for developing this interactive toolkit for a target group of people with Internet experience. I equipped the channel’s application with a sophisticated navigation system that gave users extensive design freedom and required real creativity. The clips later submitted by users were entirely unique, of very high quality, and ultimately used as station IDs. Unbelievable to think of today, but ClipCreator at the time was one of the first platforms that enabled viewers to interact with a channel, before we all had smartphones.

Commercials made by
user shown on TV

Sorry for 4:3...this is realy old...

but still fresh.

INNOVATION - Eyes and Ears Special Award


Cient:  VIVA

Idea-Concept: Susanne Frericks, Anton Riedel, Jürgen Frost

Producer: Kerstin Kohle

Creative Director: Susanne Frericks

Design: Jürgen Frost, Frank Schmitt

Programming: Marcus Cecot

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