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Heute im Osten

Crossmedia - Show

…is a new TV show on MDR (Central German Broadcasting Station). Every two weeks, MDR presents previously published content from its web show to its television audience. The new and innovative aspect of this concept is that the content is taken from the internet and integrated directly into an interactive TV show. In order to integrate a web-specific interactive (nonlinear) moment into the show, a communication device was developed in cooperation with REALTIME DEPARTMENT. Called the “communicator”, the infrared-based touchscreen is operated live by the show host. With it, he can control and navigate through both the show content and the virtual set during the broadcast. It allows live directing from right inside the studio and establishes an innovative link between Internet and TV.


Cient:  MDR

Idea-Concept: Susanne Frericks, Sabine Dully, Thorsten Ulbrich

Producer: Kerstin Kohle

Design: Sabine Dully

Creative Director: Susanne Frericks

Animation: Thorsten Ulbrich

Realtime Development: Realtime Department

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