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Do the Dingx

Disney Channel 

P•A•L (Papp•Lauf•Dingx)

Disney was going green and to help communicate its efforts, I developed two seasons of a show, with a total of 16 two-minute clips, about two bored teenagers who start building weird machines with extraordinary functions. We actually built all of the machines – entirely from trash. The program is about upcycling and, because it’s always difficult to give new “things” a name, we simply called it “Thinx”. So next time you throw something away, think about “Thinx”, or as we say in German: “Dingx”.

If you want to see more clips just follow
this link to my Vimeo-Presentation


Client: Disney Channel

Production: FEEDMEE

Idea and Concept: Susanne Frericks, Anton Riedel

Directed by: Susanne Frericks

Producer: Kerstin Kohle

Camera: Timm Lange, Sven Lützenkirchen

Props: Markus Kriesten, Sabine Avenhaus

Music and Sound: Loy Wesselburg, Trevista


Vfx Aartists: FEEDMEE

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