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Disney Channel


Donald Duck and the famous characters of Duckburg were celebrating their anniversary and, as a special surprise,

I developed the idea of animating a different kind of comic with real kids. The storyline centers around a mysterious parcel that falls from the sky. All the characters are after the parcel, without knowing what’s inside…For me it was an image similar to chasing the end of the rainbow to find the pot of gold. Everyone wants to find it, but no one will ever know if it really exists…To give the story a comic-strip look, we shot the entire sequence in stop-motion and asked people of all ages to dance the main choreography with us.


Client: Disney Channel

Production: FEEDMEE

Concept - Design: Susanne Frericks, Anton Riedel

Creative Director: Susanne Frericks

Producer: Jennifer Feist, Laura Giersdorf

Choreography: Heike Senger, Susanne Frericks, Etienne Heinrich

Director: Susanne Frericks

Assistent-Director: Etienne Heinrich

Stopptricksupport: Kerstin Unger

Camera: Timm Lange, Axel Schulten, Jens Lindemann

Illustration: Peter Hoffmann

Edit: Jens Lindemann

Animation: Tobias Wüstefeld

Music: Loy Wesselburg, Robert Nacken

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