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“Superlotti” is your go-to girl when you need to know more about the electronic gadgets you can buy at MediaMarkt, a consumer electronics retail chain in Germany. She provides explanations to very complicated problems in her very own,

special way…Fifteen episodes appeared on, a new MediaMarkt platform.

If you want to see more clips of Superlotti´s explanations

just follow this link to my Vimeo-Presentation


Clients: Zum Goldenen Hirschen // MediaMarkt

Production: FEEDMEE

Idea, Concept: Zum Goldenen Hirschen, Feedmee
Director: Susanne Frericks
DOP: Jens Lindemann
Sound: Sebastian Stahl
Cast: Karin Buchali
Styling, Make-up: Michael Crnjavic
Edit, Grading: Jens Lindemann, Aurelia Lindemann
Animation: FEEDMEE
Text: Anke Riedel
Line-Producer: Kerstin Kohle
Producer: Jennifer Feist, Laura Giersdorf

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