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Twenty 120

International Art challenge

Truth vs. Deception

My former company was one of 20 agencies around the world selected in 2008 to contribute to the illustrious Twenty 120 collection. The challenge was to develop an independent, 120-second film on the theme of truth versus deception. The film was shot entirely “in-camera”, except for one thing…


Production: FEEDMEE

Concept and Idea: Susanne Frericks, Anton Riedel, Sabine Dully, Jan Sickinger

Directed by: Susanne Frericks, Sabine Dully, Jan Sickinger, Anton Riedel

Camera: Christoph Wissing

Set construction: Markus Kriesten

Props: Sabine Dully, Jan Sickinger

Editor: Susanne Frericks, Anton Riedel

Music and Sound: Loy Wesselburg

Vfx Aartists: Jan Sickinger

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